Forrest Kerr, Volcano, McLymont Generating Stations

The Forrest Kerr, Volcano, and McLymont Hydroelectric Generating Stations are located in the Tahltan First Nation territory approximately 1,000 kilometres northwest of Vancouver. The Iskut River, and two of its tributaries, provide the sources for the three facilities.

NextGen Technologies was tasked with testing and commissioning all communications, protection and control systems (CPC). We also performed equipment testing and commissioning for HV transformers, circuit breakers and disconnects for each of the three hydro generating stations.

The three plants produce a total of 277 megawatts of energy.

Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric Facility

The largest of the hydroelectric generating stations is the 195-MW Forrest Kerr Facility. The stations was designed to redirect a portion of the Iskut River through a tunnel to an underground powerhouse that contains nine Francis turbines to generate electricity.

Volcano Creek Hydroelectric Facility

The Volcano Creek Generating Station is positioned approximately three kilometres upstream from the Forrest Kerr facility. The hydroelectric station draws from a branch of the Volcano Creek to create 16-MW of energy for the grid. A portion of the creeks flow is set up to divert water through a pipeline that moves the water to a surface powerhouse where two Pelton turbines generate the electricity.

Mclymont Creek Hydroelectric Facility

The McLymont Creek Facility is located approximately 10 kilometres downstream from the Forrest Kerr Facility, on a branch of the Iskut River known as McLymont Creek. This hydroelectric generating stations provides 66-MW to BC’s power grid. The station is designed to direct water from the creek into the power tunnel where three Francis turbines generate electricity.