Mica G6

The Mica G5 and G6 projects were built to add new generating capacity to help meet peak demand for BC. The new generators were added to BC Hydro’s existing Mica Dam, north of Revelstoke. Our job was to test and commission the communication, protection and control systems (CPC) associated with new 575MW Generators.

The goal of the Mica Unit 5 and Unit 6 additions was to increase the power supply at Mica and Nicola substations.

The two new generators have added a combined output of 1000 Megawatts to the BC Hydro grid. This additional capacity is enough to power roughly 80,000 homes when demand is high. The new turbines are both more powerful and more efficient than the previous versions installed in the 1970’s. The Mica dam is also one of the largest earth-filled dams in North America at 240m tall, and is taller than the highest building in Vancouver.