Silverdale Substation

NextGen Technologies was tasked with testing and commissioning all communications, protection and control systems (CPC) for new 60/25kV substation in Mission BC. The new Silverdale Substation was approved and built to help the Mission area meet future electricity needs. Previously this area of Mission was only being served by the Mission Substation, and demand for electricity was reaching capacity for the one system.

Silverdale Substation Project Details

The new Silverdale Substation is located between Silverdale Avenue and Nelson Street on the west side of Mission. The project started in 2011 with the Geotech Study and the substation was put into service in the summer of 2014. The project uses two 69kV transmission lines to bring the electricity to the substation from the existing transmission line about 600 meters away. NextGen Technologies commissioned the CPC systems for the project including testing and review of the substation systems, construction documentation and more.

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter of reference is written on behalf of Nextgen Technologies in recognition of their work with WPE on the Silverdale and Tilbury Substation projects. Nextgen has brought the expertise and resources that allowed the protection and control aspects of these project to be completed in a timely and professional manner despite changing demands and schedules. Nextgen has demonstrated that they work well on a project TEAM by ensuring their obligations are completed to the satisfaction of all other members. WPE looks forward to having Nextgen on our TEAM whenever the opportunity arises.


Neil McNeil