The BC Hydro Site C Clean Energy Project

The BC Hydro Site C Clean Energy Project will create a third dam and hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River in northeast B.C. The interconnection of this new generating facility will add 1,100 MW of generation into the existing transmission system and will involve the following major items of work:

  • The construction of a new 500/230/138kV substation (South Bank substation [SBK]) close to the Site C dam site

  • The expansion of the 500kV gas insulated switchgear (GIS) and associated switchyard at the existing Peace Canyon generating facility (PCN)

  • The construction of five new 500kV overhead transmission circuits (twobetween SBK and PCN [5L005 and 5L006] and three between SBK and the Site C generating facility [5L015, 5L016 and 5L017])

A separate but related project, the Fort St. John and Taylor Electric Supply Project (FATES), will construct a new 138 kV switchyard, including six single-phase, 500/138 kV transformers, within the Site C substation. Two existing 138 kV lines, 1L360 from Taylor Substation and 1L374 from Fort St. John Substation, will be terminated in the 138 kV switchyard.

Nextgen is the successful bidder on the testing and commissioning of all of the P&C and Telecom equipment associated with this project. The testing and commissioning activities will commence in early 2019 and continue through 2022.