Tsawwassen VVO

The Tsawwassen VVO project was initiated to replace existing electromechanical protection (60kV to 12kV Transformer, Feeder, Bus) with Microprocessor based protection. The upgraded protection systems provide increased reliability, improved metering and control functionality. NextGen was also responsible for upgrading the Scada and Tap Changer control systems as well as AC and DC distribution systems.

The project included the supply of labour, tools and materials for the removal and replacement of existing equipment. The scope included the installation of new Protection and Control, SCADA, Automation, Metering and Telecom panels, cabinets and racks, as well as the removal and replacement of existing 120/208V AC Distribution Panels,125V DC Distribution Panel, 120/208V AC Transfer Cubicle, 30A Battery Charger and Eyewash station.

The work also included the wiring interconnection of all the new and existing equipment in the control room to existing equipment in the 60kV/25kV switchyard including the 125V DC Battery Bank adjacent to the control room.

Nextgen performed the testing and commissioning of all protective relays, control and automation equipment, RTU cabinet, and telecommunications equipment.

Tsawwassen VVO project within BC Hydro was my first project with Damian Zanatta and his team at Nextgen Technologies Ltd. Together we managed to complete the entire P&C, SCADA & Telecom upgrade one month ahead of schedule. I was thrilled with Damian and his team's capabilities to proactively eliminate construction obstacles during the planning stage and implement cost-effective solutions to overcome identified issues. Nextgen performed above my expectations in terms of effectiveness, quality, and the speed with which the work was completed. What we appreciated most about working with Damian and his team was their ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some.

Kan Tang, Construction Manager