Electrical Services

Electrical Services

NextGen Technologies Ltd. provides integrated electrical power services for customers in BC and across North America. Our broad range of energy infrastructure service solutions allows us to engineer, commission, test and manage a variety of electrical systems.

The full-spectrum of electrical services also include installation, wiring, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of control-room and switchyard power equipment. NextGen values the opportunity to safely and efficiently bring electrical services to our clients. We’ll work with you to find the right service to meet your project's needs. Our diverse team of engineers, technologists electricians, project managers, industry experts and their 1500+ years of combined experience allow our clients and us to stand by the work we create together. Operating honestly and ethically is quite simply how we do business. We maintain open communication with all clients and pride ourselves on our customer-oriented approach to our work.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

We design, test and install complete full-service electrical engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) systems. Our electrical infrastructure solutions include the design of site-specific installations for different markets and communities. We also procure all required materials and equipment for the power related part of the project. We work hard to develop, engineer and construct our electrical systems to precise customer requirement and satisfaction.
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Equipment Commissioning

NextGen provides testing and commissioning of high-voltage electrical equipment including power transformers, circuit breakers, current transformers, voltage transformers, voltage regulators and disconnects.
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Safety Watching

Safety is integral to NextGen’s success and company culture. Targeted allocation of trained safety watchers and equipment is required at our worksites. Mandatory workforce safety training, modern operating procedures and reporting processes all reinforce NextGen’s focus on safety for our staff, clients, and the environment.
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Our full-spectrum of electrical services include installation, wiring, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of control-room and switchyard equipment

Safety Consulting

Nextgen believes that a business with a successful Occupational Health and Safety System experiences many benefits through a reduction in lost time, medical aid, and first aid injuries, lower Worker Compensation costs, as well as fewer property and equipment damage incidents. Employee morale is also enhanced when a health and safety culture is present, where words are translated into actions and there is a strong commitment from leadership that is visible throughout the entire organization.

We don’t just develop safety programs and then leave you to struggle with implementation; we are there for you and your employees throughout the process to ensure you succeed in administering a true safety culture within your organization. Think of us as your safety department.

We offer:

  • Safety Program Review and Development

  • Compliance Auditing

  • Site Inspections

  • Safety Consulting

  • COR Preparation

  • Safe Work Procedures Development

  • Contractor Management Programs

  • Safe Work Method Statements

  • Hazard Assessments

  • Incident Investigations

  • Site Specific Management Plans

  • Return to Work Programs

  • Lock-Out Programs

  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Management

Communication, Protection and Control (CPC) Testing

The CPC Technologist is the primary point of contact for our CPC clients.They oversee all control room, switchyard and generator instrumentation upgrades and servicing. CPC technologists play a vital role in the building, operation and maintenance of the power grid throughout the province of BC. Our team performs installations, wiring, testing and commissioning to ensure the electronic system equipment is functioning safely and properly. Our team installs, tests, and commissions system equipment and safely integrates into the larger power system. We continually review and assess construction documentation throughout each project. Identifying and developing areas for innovation and improvement ensures complete client satisfaction and functionality at project completion and beyond.
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Construction Management

NextGen’s Construction Management services involve the administration of contract agreements and quality assurance reviews across project milestones. We prepare and document project activity and status reports for clients, while arranging and obtaining all required permits and clearances. Proper management and communication allows for any issues to be dealt with in a timely and effective way during construction. We’ll monitor your project’s schedule and costs allowing you to focus time on other important areas for your business.
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Trades Training Instruction

Skilled both in field and classroom environments, NextGen’s team of instructors provide supervision, mentoring and demonstrations on the importance of safe and efficient work practices.  We assist in developing client-specific course content, providing input on material development and lesson organization. A better understanding of infrastructure and equipment can improve the longevity of equipment  thereby reducing costs.