Electrical Safety Watching

Electrical Safety Watching

Safety is integral to NextGen’s success and company culture. Targeted allocation of trained safety watchers and equipment is required at our worksites.

Mandatory workforce safety training, modern operating procedures and reporting processes all reinforce NextGen’s focus on safety for our staff, clients, and the environment.

The purpose of electrical safety watching

The goal of electrical safety watching is to always identify and prevent problems from occurring in the first place. At the same time preparations need to be made to safely resolve any issue that does happen in the safest way possible. Some of the electrical safety watching tasks can include:

  • Identifying low-voltage versus high-voltage

  • equipment on the job site.

  • Making voltage measurements

  • Ensuring proper Signage is in place

  • Watching for electrical arcs

  • Identifying machinery that needs to be locked out

  • Shutting off machinery

  • Limiting exposure to hazardous situations

  • Identifying step potential and touch potential scenarios

  • Ensuring proper distances are kept between workers and equipment.

  • Inspecting protective equipment

BC electrical safety regulations and standards

We follow the regulations set out for safety standards within the field of electricity. Worksafebc has a booklet that helps explain the dangers of working around electricity, on energized low-voltage equipment, and near high-voltage conductors. These BC electrical safety standards include:

  • Common low-voltage electricity problem areas, and safe work practises

  • Common high-voltage electricity problem areas, and safe work practises

  • What to do when an electrical injury happens

Electrical Safety Authority Regulations
Electrical accident advice from BC Hydro