Equipment Commissioning

Equipment Commissioning

Proper testing & commissioning of equipment helps promote long term reliability and efficiency of your electrical generation, transmission and distribution systems.

At NextGen we commission electrical equipment in transmission and distribution substations, generating stations, and industrial environments such as mines and ports throughout BC and abroad... Equipment may include generators, transformers, circuit breakers, disconnects, surge arresters, capacitor banks, and reactors.

The Role of Electrical Equipment Commissioners

The role of our electrical equipment commissioning team often includes:

  • Planning the commissioning process of the electrical systems

  • Reviewing and verifying performance specifications

  • Field tests for necessary systems such as electrical distribution systems, generators and motors, transformers, switchgear and cables

  • Identify corrective and preventive maintenance for your electric power distribution system

  • AC and DC testing of electrical equipment

  • Complete handover, acceptance and transition to the operations team

The Equipment Commissioning Process

System Design Review

Commissioning of electrical equipment can actually begin in the design phase of the project and continues through to the completion of testing and handover to the operations team. Reviewing designs, sequences of operation, and test requirements allows the commissioning team to accurately identify the test requirements and make sure expectations are clearly defined.

Electrical Acceptance Testing

Part of the commissioning process is acceptance testing where each piece of equipment is thoroughly inspected before energization. Equipment needs to meet system specifications in order to pass acceptance testing and be deemed ready for energization. As the commissioners of the system we will review the drawings for the project to make sure each piece of equipment was installed as per design and manufacturer’s specifications.

Energization & Handover

After the system passes initial testing energization planning begins. Our team of commissioning experts will strategically energize the system to ensure that all equipment is operating at normal capacity. This process is well documented so that the client can review performance, and trust that the system is working as intended. Once complete and approved we begin transitioning the handover of the project to the operations team.